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Small businesses in Gaston County need your help.


Join the #GOSupportGaston movement to support them. Teaming up with Gaston County towns and cities, we've launched #GOSupportGaston to help our small businesses weather this COVID-19 storm.

How to #GOSupportGaston:

1) Get the word out.

2) Buy local. 

3) Share your buy local purchases on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Use the hashtag #GOSupportGaston or #SupportGaston when posting. We'll share it too:)

4) Participate in our mini-blitzes (schedule below).

  • Targeted events to actively help Gaston Businesses.

    • Order takeout from your favorite restaurant

    • Celebrate Christmas in April

    • Support your neighboring town's businesses in our Main to Main mini-blitz

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