• Katie McCarthy

The Most Important Meal of the Day Served up the Gaston County Way at these 20 Breakfast Spots

Breakfast takes all shapes and sizes and all too often we overlook what’s deemed the most important meal of the day. We switch out crepes for pop tarts, omelets for a breakfast bar, and hop in our cars as the sun is barely rising, rushing off to work or school drop-off. A nice slow morning has numerous benefits and one of those is enjoying a good breakfast to fill you up before your day gets started. So whether you’re refueling after a grueling morning work-out or just barely wiping the sleep from your eyes, rest assured you can find a quality breakfast in all corners of the county.

So, go ahead, give your snooze button a rest and take a walk down main street for 19 delicious breakfast options right here in Gaston County. There's no shortage of variety, whether you're looking for breakfast on the go, eggs with a view on a sunny outdoor patio, or plant-based and vegan options. We all know the early bird gets the worm, but who knew that worm could come in the form of avocado toast, pancakes, and breakfast bowls.

Ball's Grill and Produce

2325 S York Rd., Gastonia

Monday-Saturday, 5 a.m.-4 p.m.

Save time by combining breakfast and a trip to the farmers' market by stopping in at Ball's Grill and Produce in Gastonia. Self-proclaimed as the best place to buy tomatoes, you can never go wrong with fresh produce and great food. Everything is made fresh to order and they open early enough for you to grab breakfast on your way to work.

We recommend: Bacon and Country Ham Breakfast Sandwich ($2.35) for breakfast on the go or try the No Meat Plate ($3.79) for a plant-based breakfast.

Byrum’s Grocery & Grill

4606 South New Hope Rd., Belmont

Tuesday-Friday, 5:30 a.m.-2 p.m.; Saturday 5:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

Serving their community since 1972, Byrum's Grill has grown a lot since it first opened in Belmont. With counter-style service, Byrum's is dedicated to serving high-quality food at a price that will keep you coming back for more. Take your pick from breakfast listed on a letter board and have a seat or take it to go.

We recommend: Bologna & Egg Sandwich- A southern classic like mom used to make. And if you aren’t in the mom-used-to-make-it set, give it a try. You’ll thank us later. -$2.99

Cherub’s Café