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The Baker's Dozen: 13 Desserts to try in Gaston County Right Now

Bring on the sweets!

All across Gaston County, creative confectioners are constantly constructing the most delectable of desserts.

With so many sweet treats to try here, it would be impossible to create an exhaustive list.

So, here are a baker’s dozen of desserts to get you started on your toothsome tour of Gaston County. They range from traditional southern fare to Colombian and Taiwanese delicacies.

As it would be equally impossible to choose a favorite (we love them all!), this list is not in any particular order.

Enough talk. Let’s get to work.

Floyd and Blackies - Caramel Turtle Brownie Cheesecake

We’ll start the list off with this stunner from Floyd and Blackies Bakery in McAdenville.

It begins with a rich and fudgy brownie bottom supporting a thick layer of cheesecake. It’s all topped with caramel and ganache drizzle and finished off with toasted pecans and a dollop of whipped cream.

It’s like several really good desserts joined forces and made one super-dessert!

Floyd and Blackies Bakery

123 Main St


Sugarlicious Bakery - Cherry Lemon Sundrop Cupcakes

Photo courtesy of Sugarlicious Bakery.

Are you a cake person or an icing person?

Doesn’t matter. You’ll want all of this one from Sugarlicious Bakery. The cake is made with Cherry Lemon Sundrop and it’s topped with a rich lemon buttercream icing. The cherry on top of it all is, well, a cherry on top.

Sugarlicious Bakery

3078 E. Franklin Blvd.


El Sombrero Bakery - Milhojas

Milhojas translates to “a thousand leaves”. It’s a reference to the delicate, flaky pastry that is the base for this traditional Colombian delicacy. The layered pastry contrasts perfectly with its light, creamy filling.

You can find this amazing treat, along with a counter full of other savory and sweet Colombian goodies, at El Sombrero Bakery.

El Sombrero Bakery

2516 E Franklin Blvd.


Renaldo’s Culinary Experience - Bananas Foster Egg Roll

Photo courtesy of Renaldo's Culinary Experience

Renaldo recently took his culinary show on the road and can now be found manning his food truck all over Gaston County.

His dessert offerings vary from day to day. But if you’re really lucky, and you’ve done all your chores, he’ll have this amazing take on a timeless classic. Paring the sweet, smooth flavors of bananas foster with the tangy, tart cheesecake is genius.

But if you know Renaldo, you’d expect nothing less.

Renaldo’s Culinary Experience

All over Gaston County

Luna Hombre - Dessert Board

Chef Kevin Waters says he dreams of food. The rotating selection on Luna Hombre’s dessert board has us dreaming a bit, too.

As pictured, the board features dark chocolate mousse, dark chocolate truffles on an almond tuile cookie, and homemade pound cake with a strawberry coulis sauce and edible violet. All this goodness is paired with a chilled ice wine.

Luna Hombre

31 N Main St.


Table and Market - Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Balls

Photo courtesy of Table and Market

Chef Amanda is always creating new desserts at Table and Market in McAdenville.

These two-bite-sized beauties start with a rich globe of cheesecake smothered in traditional or white chocolate. Then each one is finished with a different, creative topping.

Which one of these chocolate-covered cheesecake balls should you get?

Trick question. They’re perfectly sized to try them all.

Table and Market

129 ½ Main St.


Groovy Beast - Carrot Cake

Let’s get down to basics here. It starts with two layers of housemade carrot cake (the kind that clings to your fork for dear life). Each layer is held firmly in place by a dense application of cream cheese frosting so smooth it could sell you life insurance.

Like everything else at the Groovy Beast, it’s not fancy. It’s just really good.

Groovy Beast

109 E Hudson Blvd.


Webb Custom Kitchen - Crème Brûlée

Webb Custom Kitchen is known for taking the standards and applying a fanatical dedication to quality in their preparation. This philosophy is expressed in their take on the classic crème brûlée. The perfectly caramelized top and cool, sweet center are the ideal compliment to an aged ribeye or well-seared salmon.

Webb Custom Kitchen

182 S South St.


Market Street Buffet and Bakery - Bread Pudding

One time, someone asked for the recipe for southern hospitality. The bread pudding at Market Street Buffet and Bakery is the result of that conversation.

Slightly sticky, somewhat sweet, and nearly melt-in-your-mouth, this wonderful treat is available on Market Street’s buffet alongside dozens of other items, dessert and otherwise.

Market Street Buffet and Bakery

2525 S York Rd.


Tony’s Ice Cream - Vanilla Shake

You cannot have a list of desserts in Gaston County without mentioning the shakes at Tony’s Ice Cream.

These shakes have a viscosity that straddles the line between perfect mouthfeel and easy drinkability. Vanilla is an easy choice, but you can get them in any of the ice cream flavors Tony’s offers.

Of course, there’s also a scoop of ice cream floating on top. It’s like a dessert for your dessert.

Tony’s Ice Cream

604 E Franklin Blvd.


Caravan Coffee and Dessert Bar - Cheesecake with Fresh Fruit

If there was a modeling agency for desserts, the cheesecake at Caravan Coffee and Dessert Bar would be the first signee. Actually, every dessert in the display case at Caravan is ridiculously photogenic.

They’re not just pretty frosting, though. This cheesecake is the perfect balance of sweet and tangy, smooth and crisp.

The desserts are created next door at Brenda’s Cake Gallery. Have a peek in the bakery while visiting Caravan. Brenda’s custom cakes are a sight to behold.

Caravan Coffee and Dessert Bar

7 S Main St.


Pho Feel’n - Bubble Tea

Image courtesy of Pho Feel'n

It’s perfectly acceptable to drink your dessert. Especially when that drink is the sweet, creamy bubble tea at Pho Feel’n.

Besides the mango and taro flavors pictured, this delicious Taiwanese potable comes in strawberry, honeydew, thai tea, and coconut.

If you’ve never had bubble tea, think super light and refreshing milkshake without the brain freeze.

Pho Feel’n

141 W Main Ave.


Queen Bee’s Bakery - Apple Pecan Pound Cake

Sweet bits of apple and crunchy pecans proliferate the moist center of this pound cake from Queen Bee Bakery. It’s all encased in a perfectly crisped edge and topped with a brown sugar crust.

A scoop of Tony’s rich vanilla ice cream is the perfect accent to a slice of this delectable cake. Lucky for us, the Queen Bee Bakery keeps a good stash of Tony’s ice cream on hand for just such an occasion.

Queen Bee Bakery

108 S Main St.

Mt. Holly

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