• DeLauren Everett

Molasses to Glasses, Spiced Stills and Smoke – Your guide to Gaston's Most Popular Cocktails

Long gone are the days that a house margarita or vodka-and-cranberry are the best drinks on a cocktail menu. Why limit yourself when bars and restaurants are becoming innovative with their drink offerings, driving increased popularity to custom specialty cocktails? From smoky ice, to bubbles, garnishes and a blend of colorful liquors, bartenders are serving up drinks that create a unique vibe, tell a fun story and leave consumers with something interesting to talk about. Top-shelf whisky, bourbon, rum, vodka and gin spirits are available at a number of eclectic locales throughout Gaston County offering experiences that make each visit well worth the trip.

Bourbon Peach Smash (summer), Barristers - Photo Courtesy of Sam West, Barrister's at the Esquire

In Gaston County, we aren’t only making a name for ourselves with creative and fun mixed drinks. We’ve expanded our offerings with Gaston’s first and only vineyard – Veronét Vineyards and Winery – and a plethora of wine bars and breweries for your enjoyment. If alcoholic beverages aren’t your thing, Gaston’s got plenty of cafés that offer specialty coffee drinks and of course, award-winning culinary experiences.

We’ve blended up a list of neighborhood bar hot spots and made some recommendations to get you exploring, so expand your palate and take a look at what’s brewing in the Gaston bar scene.

Barrister's at the Esquire

Chai White Russian - Photo Courtesy of Sam West, Barrister's at the Esquire

168 W. Main Ave., Gastonia

Monday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.; Sunday 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

You don’t have to have overnight accommodations to dine-in or enjoy a cocktail at Barrister's, a unique restaurant located inside the historical Esquire Hotel. A landmark once known as the home of