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Looking for Great Plant-based Dining Options? Try these Gaston County Eateries

There are countless reasons to go vegan (even if just on occasion) and sometimes just getting out of the norm to try something different is reason enough. While lots of spots on our list are not expressly vegan or vegetarian, many are more than willing to accommodate and you’ll be sure to find something to fit your needs. So when you’re out with meat-eating friends and family you, too, can eat something right off the menu without drooling over their meat-based meals.

No matter if you’re trying out a new lifestyle, looking to break away from the typical dinner options or are a long-time plant-based eater, these Gaston County restaurants have put a creative spin on vegan and vegetarian options.


3204 Union Road, Gastonia

What to Order: Vegetable Tempura—Fried broccoli, carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and onions; $4.95 or Garden Roll—Avocado, cucumber, seaweed salad; $4.95 (vegan)


6425 Wilkinson Boulevard, Belmont

What to Order: Curry—Red, yellow, green or massaman curry with sweet coconut milk stewed with white onions, red and green bell peppers, jalapeños, carrots and bamboo shoots, served with rice; $10.45 (vegan)


1863 W. Franklin Boulevard, Gastonia

What to Order: Macho Burrito-- Nopales (cactus), frijol negro (whole black beans) and rice, topped with salsa verde, pico de gallo and guacamole. (vegan)


168 W. Main Avenue, Gastonia

What to Order: Vegetable Plate-- seasonal preparation, using always fresh, local ingredients; $16 (vegan)

Bottle Tree

102 Davis Street, Belmont

Photo Courtesy of Bottle Tree

What to Order: Crispy Cauliflower—Spicy 5-pepper African piri-piri sauce with chimichurri topping; $8

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza

501 Cox Road, Gastonia

Courtesy Brixx Wood Fired Pizza

What to Order: Wild Mushroom-- Wood-roasted shiitake, Portobello & button mushrooms with mozzarella on an olive oil base topped with arugula and shaved; $11.95 (vegan upon request)


915 S. Point Road Suite F, Belmont

Photo Courtesy of Cinnaholic

What to Order: Cookie Monster Roll—Cream cheese frosting, cookie dough, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce; $6.50 (vegan)

Doffer’s Canteen

119 Center Street, Cramerton

What to Order: Sweet Potato & Black Bean Tacos-- Fried, diced sweet potatoes topped with black beans, pickled red onion, fresh cilantro, lime wedge, and our amazing honey chipotle crema, served on warm tortillas; $7.70 (vegan upon request)

Groovy Beast

109 E. Hudson Boulevard, Gastonia

Photo courtesy of Groovy Beast

What to Order: Veggie Medley—scrambled egg whites, spinach, tomato, onion, peppers and mushrooms; $5.59

Jack Beagles

125 S. Main Street, Mount Holly

What to Order: Vegan’s Paradise—Impossible Burger, lettuce, tomato, and pickled onion on Kaiser roll; $11 (vegan)

Kitchen Mea Kong

408 E. Franklin Boulevard

What to Order: Fried Tofu—served with ground peanuts and chili sauce; $5.50 (vegan)


1941 Hoffman Road, Suite 1, Gastonia

What to Order: Lotus Vegetarian--Tempeh wrapped with carrots, sweet onions, red pepper and basil in a spring roll wrapper, pan-crisped with coconut Jasmine rice, baby bok choy, sake-butter sauce & a chili-garlic dipping sauce; $18.95

Mayworth’s Public House

115 Center Street, Cramerton

What to Order: Pesto Vegetable Pasta—Angel hair pasta in a creamy pesto sauce with zucchini, squash, onions, tomatoes, red and green peppers, and parmesan cheese, served with bread; $10.95

Me Vietnamese Kitchen

2524 E. Franklin Boulevard Suite A, Gastonia

Photo Courtesy of Me Vietnamese Kitchen

What to Order: Vegetarian Pho-- noodles and broth with vegetables and crispy tofu; $9

Pita Wheel

1108 E. Main Street, Dallas

What to Order: Falafapita—Falafel, lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber, tzatziki and garlic chili sauce on Greek pita; $7.99

Ray Nathan’s

4571 S. New Hope Road, Gastonia

Photo Courtesy of Ray Nathan's

What to Order: Side Items Plate—Macaroni & cheese, green beans, BBQ street corn, and RayNay’s yams; $9.99

Sammy’s Neighborhood Pub

25 S. Main Street, Belmont

What to Order: Fried Pickles—Pickle spears breaded and deep fried, served with ranch dressing; $8.99

Samvay’s Wings & Subs

303 N. Main Street, Mount Holly

What to Order: Pad Thai—Stir-fried rice noodles with cilantro, onion, bean sprouts, tofu and special sauce; $9.59

Sprouts Café

1012 S. New Hope Road, Gastonia

Photo Courtesy of Happy Cow

What to Order: Mock Chicken Salad—Organic tofu salad, greens and tomato on a toasted seeded wheat bread; $7.99 (vegan)

The String Bean

106 N. Main Street, Belmont

What to Order: Big Green Monster—Fried green tomatoes stacked with pepperjack cheese and chipotle ranch, served with pimento cheese; $9

Viva Chicken

2205 E. Franklin Boulevard #100, Gastonia

Photo Courtesy ZMenu

What to Order: Quinoa Stuffed Avocado—Organic quinoa, red peppers, rocoto mayonnaise and balsamic vinaigrette in an avocado; $8.45

Viva Tequis

238 W. Main Avenue, Gastonia

What to Order: Tacos Fritos de Papa—Fried tacos with potato, cabbage, cojita cheese and salsa; $2.75

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