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#GOSupportGaston Mini-Blitz: Main Street to Main Street

Updated: Apr 24

Note: This article is part of our #GOSupportGaston campaign. The campaign features 7 mini-blitzes to support local businesses impacted by COVID-19. Check Gaston Outside for updates on our efforts with supportgaston.com.

Call to Action: From April 24-26, purchase goods and services from a neighboring town. Tag @GastonOutside and #GOSupportGaston to show off your new endeavors.

Social distancing may make us feel separated, but we are not alone in this fight.

There are more municipalities in Gaston than in any other County in North Carolina. While each has its own authentic history, we’re all connected by a common thread. That’s a strength no one can duplicate. We’ve made it through world wars and recessions by rallying together. And we’ll do it again. Because, in the words of fictional fighter Rocky Balboa, “that’s how winning is done.”

There is no doubt that we are stronger when we pull together. So we’re wrapping up April with a mini-blitz focused on uniting all of our amazing Gaston towns. For the last week of the month, look across your town’s borders for eateries, shops, and service providers to support.

If you’re not sure which town to explore (there are a lot), let us make a suggestion.

Belmont and Mount Holly, see what your neighbor has going on.

Cherryville, look for something unique from Bessemer City and vice versa.

Cramerton, Lowell and McAdenville, you’re almost connected by a Greenway anyway.

Stanley, Dallas, and Gastonia, you know what to do.

And now, here are some ideas on how you can support your neighboring town

1. Order take out

Photo courtesy of Doffer's Pizza

Restaurants, pubs, and breweries form the social backbone of our community. They are also among the hardest hit by this crisis. When we’re on the other side of this, it’s at these local places we’ll want to gather and catch up with friends. If they close for good, we’ll all lose.

So look here for ideas on Gaston eateries that are serving in your neighboring towns. And check www.supportgaston.com for a more complete list that’s continually updated. Then pick one in another town and show them some support.

2. Find your new favorite shop

We’ve always been fans of shopping local whenever possible. It’s more important than ever as Gaston County’s small shops and creative makers are presented with the huge challenge of keeping their lights on.

As is their nature, these small business owners are finding creative ways to keep their doors open, even when they can’t let people inside. From virtual shopping via FaceTime to curbside pickup and free delivery, Gaston’s small retail shops are stepping up to the challenge. Here is how you can support them and maybe find your new favorite shop on a neighboring Main Street.

3. Use a service

When you think of Gaston’s small businesses, it’s easy to imagine strolling through shops and dining out. But we can’t forget the hard-working people who provide so many services for us.

So while you’re contemplating how to show support for other Gaston County towns, consider having your car detailed at home, buying a gift card for a photography shoot, or getting your laptop back up to peak condition. Here’s a list of many Gaston County service providers you can enlist to take on some of life’s tasks.

4. Be the helper

Another famous fighter, one much more subtle but no less powerful than Rocky, told us to “look for the helpers” during our dark days. Mr. Rogers’ words remind us that helpers always shine in a crisis, and they’re not hard to find in Gaston County.

Look, for example, to businesses like Pickleweeds Press. They’re printing limited edition #GOSupportGaston t-shirts to raise money for the Gaston Virus Relief Fund. Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden, The Schiele Museum, and Techworks Gaston are bringing their education and entertainment programs right to our homes. Beverly Knits and Parkdale Mills, members of Gaston County’s textile industry, have turned their tools towards producing critical facemasks to help protect the people on the front lines of fighting COVID-19.

You can be the helper, too. It all starts with getting the word out. Add this profile picture frame to your Facebook profile picture. Then share, like and comment on your favorite business's social media page. You can also join our Facebook event page for regular updates. This is an organic grassroots effort, and your support is critical.

Visit www.SupportGaston.com to find businesses that are open to serve you. Share your buy-local purchases on Facebook and Instagram. Use the hashtag #GOSupportGaston or #SupportGaston when posting and we can share it two.

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