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#GOSupportGaston Mini-Blitz: Enlist these Gaston County Services April 22-24

Note: This article is part of our #GOSupportGaston campaign. In these coming weeks, the campaign features 7 mini-blitzes to support local businesses impacted by COVID-19. Check Gaston Outside for updates on our efforts with supportgaston.com.


Call to Action: Enlist the help of one of Gaston County’s many business and services from April 22-24 and support another realm of small business affected by COVID-19.

When we think of supporting small business, restaurants and retail shops often are top of mind. While those are important aspects of our economy, there are many additional services offered from local experts—ranging from HVAC and plumbing repair to salon services and photography.

From wellness to realty, Gaston Outside’s partnership with SupportGaston.com has allowed for a community-sourced database of local services to help you during this time of quarantine or in the months following.

What services will you choose to use during this time? Tag the businesses, @GastonOutside and #GOSupportGaston to show your support for the community that supports us.


Photo Courtesy of Darby Doll Photography

While we may not be meeting in close enough quarters for photography sessions, many local photographers are offering gift cards for future sessions. Darby Doll Photography is offering specials for future bookings while OCR Photography is offering socially-distanced services.


Photo Courtesy of Meraki Interiors

If you’re using this time to do some redecorating or remodeling, there are area design firms and DIY businesses to get you going.

If you’re looking for something large or even just picking up a few accessories, check out Meraki Interiors. If you’re wanting a take-home project, AR Workshop of Belmont has curbside pick-up for a variety of kits to keep you busy.

Business Support

Photo Courtesy of GarlandBurks

If you yourself are a business owner in need of support, there are other small businesses ready to partner with you to help you meet your goals.

Gaston County residents looking to hire (or be hired) can reach out to Hire Dynamics for solutions to hiring needs. For brands look for marketing services, GarlandBurks is pre-booking for brand photography while open for web and logo design as well as digital marketing.

Gatlin Graphics is working to provide screen-printing, signs, embroidery and other printing solutions for small businesses. When looking for business solutions, make sure to check out what other local experts are offering. Together we can support one another and keep small business afloat.


Photo Courtesy of Rocking Realty

While this might not seem like the ideal time to buy or sell, the real estate market in Gaston County remains active, thanks to many skilled realtors. Taylor Pelzel is offering video walk-throughs to experience home buying from the comfort of your current home while Rockin Realty is offering market analysis and information on buying and selling.

Delivery Services

Photo Courtesy of Speedy Grubs

What may have once felt like a luxury has suddenly become a necessity and Gaston County has a handful of local services to make delivery simple. Tipsy Ride is offering home delivery for a variety of items, such as food, groceries and spirits. Speedy Grubs offers local restaurant delivery so your favorite restaurant meal is never too far away.

Personal Wellness and Mentorship

Photo Courtesy of Angie Stegall Executive Wayfinding

Looking to step into a deep understanding of yourself? Try one of Gaston County’s life coaches to meet with virtually to start your journey. Angie Stegall, owner and operator of Angie Stegall Executive Wayfinding, is offering 15-minute Executive Power Chats to get the ball rolling during what she says is an important time to explore the “sensitive and and challenging issues of business ownership and life.”

Tony Marder is offering free coaching sessions through his company, ASM Ventures Corporation. His aim is to help business owners thrive (and survive) during this time of uncertainty.

Soar with Love, an alternative wellness center, is offering energy work via Skype or over the phone. Those who have been financially affected by the COVID crisis are offered services for free. Using natural remedies, Soar with Love looks to heal emotional and physical issues to get to the root of many health concerns.

Bit of Hope Ranch is offering services for current and future clients to be seen at home. If you’re finding yourself in need of help balancing and managing the potential mental and emotional stress brought on by being cooped up, reach out to a professional to help you sort your thoughts during this time.

Salon Services

Photo Courtesy of Salon Prestige

By now most of us have likely seen the internet travesty that is at-home COVID haircuts. Go ahead and treat yourself to a gift certificate at one of Gaston County’s salons like Running with Scissors, Salon Prestige, and Les Travaux to get back to normal as soon as we get back out in the open.

Repair Services

Photo Courtesy of Plumbing Connection

Just because the world is moving must more slowly doesn’t mean it’s stopped entirely. Things still break and need upkeep and we still need the services of local body shops and home repair. If plumbing issues are holding you back as you hold down the fort, Joe’s Plumbing and Drain Service is offering special COVID-19 scheduling or Plumbing Connection , a 25-year Gaston County full-service plumbing company.

For car repair, Mike’s Body Shop in Dallas offers towing and free estimates. Stay cool as the weather gets warmer with Ferguson HVAC.

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