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Gaston's Restaurant & Retail Week is your chance to break the routine and try something different

Courtesy String Bean

Picture this: You’ve got a free night. You might have some company too--you and a couple of friends, a date, maybe even the whole family. Tired of cooking and meal planning, you’re longing to get out of your routine of crockpot meals and drive-thrus and into the outside world. You decided to meet up for dinner but then comes the dreaded question: Where do you want to eat?

It doesn’t matter who asks it first. All that matters is that it’s out there and now you're left, fumbling, hoping to land on a spot that everyone can agree on. And so the cycle begins. You answer with, “I don’t know. Where do you want to eat?” They respond with the same, and suddenly you’re the vultures in The Jungle Book staring off into the distance trying to figure out what to do.

We’ve all been there. You ask on repeat until reluctantly landing at the same ole spot. Tried and true as it is, it does get old after a while. Where’s the spark and excitement? Where’s somewhere new?

If you need a break from this cycle, we are here to offer you some R&R, but in an arguably better way than your typical rest & relaxation. We see your typical R&R and raise you ours:

Restaurant & Retail Week.

If there is one thing Gaston County’s Restaurant & Retail Week aims to do, it’s to solve this problem once and for all… at least for the week. We invite you to explore Gaston County in a new way, with your taste buds and shopping preferences as your guide.

Courtesy Seven Oaks Cafe

Restaurant & Retail Week is simple: From October 6 - 13, restaurateurs and retailers all across Gaston County will be offering you exclusive specials to try out their menus and inventories and finally give a quick answer when asked where you want to eat and shop.

For the 40+ participating restaurants and shops, they are expecting people to come out for this exciting week, so here’s what we suggest:

For the restaurants:

Make reservations when you can

Each restaurant is unique and operates under different hours and procedures, but one thing is for sure—if you’ve got your mind made up for where you want to go, make a quick call and secure your seating. You won’t regret it.

Watch our Social Media

What’s better than great deals on food? Free food. Each day we will be giving away gift cards to our participating venues. You will not want to miss this so follow @GastonOutside on Instagram for free giveaway participation details and be sure to be the first to enter.

Take a Friend

While the introverts may be shuddering at the thought, we believe food is best when shared with others. Bring a friend, coworker, the whole family to truly experience Gaston’s culinary scene. Tag us in your posts so we can see what you’re loving!

And now for the retailers:

Looking to extend your family outing or date? As a part of Restaurant & Retail Week, finish the day off at one of our retail partners. Are you dying to DIY at one of AR Workshops’ classes? They’re offering 20% off classes. This is the perfect opportunity to finally get your hands on some hands-on classes.

Courtesy AR Workshop Belmont

After your meal at String Bean, enjoy 10% off their meal & seafood purchases and prepare yourself to try a new at-home recipe. If you’re looking to get your family Christmas card photos out of the way, take advantage of 25% off packages with OCR photography.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your dollar local and circulating to support our county, let our retailers support you by taking advantage of these great money saving opportunities to shop close to home.

Our restaurants and retailers have offered great deals to try out something new. All you have to do is choose one. Or 40+. See? That’s not so hard.

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