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  • Liz Logan

Gaston County Breakfast Spots: Everything You Need to Know

Breakfast takes all shapes and sizes and all too often we overlook what’s deemed the most important meal of the day. We switch out crepes for pop tarts, omelets for a breakfast bar, and hop in our cars as the sun is barely rising, rushing off to work or school drop off. A nice slow morning has numerous benefits and one of those is enjoying a good breakfast to fill you up before your day gets started. So whether you’re refueling after a grueling morning work-out or just barely wiping the sleep from your eyes, rest assured you can find a quality breakfast in all corners of the county.

On The Go:

Floyd & Blackie’s

Photo Courtesy Floyd & Blackie's

Breakfast spot in the early mornings, ice cream and other treats at night, Floyd & Blackies offers an array of breakfast pick-up items from muffins to savory selections as well as locally roasted coffee.

We recommend: Caribbean Colada Smoothie- Fight off the feelings of the increasingly cold weather and go back to summer with this delicious morning treat. -$3.89

137 8th Avenue, Cramerton, Monday-Friday 6am-9pm; Saturday 7am-6pm; Sunday 1pm-6pm

Gaston Pour House

Whether you’re stopping in for a while or on the go, Gaston Pour House’s breakfast menu has you covered. You can grab a cup of Dilworth Coffee’s Honduran or Colombia roast in the downtown Gastonia staple.

We recommend: Brie & House Jam – what we can only assume is a play on the fact Gaston Pour House hosts jam sessions, this delicious breakfast sandwich combines tomato bacon jam with brie cheese, topped off with thick-sliced bacon on a fresh bagel. -$6.25

170 S. South Street #103B, Gastonia, Monday-Thursday 8am-10pm; Friday 8am-12am;

Saturday 9am-12am

Maya Rita Bakes

Photo Courtesy Maya Rita Bakes

If you’re in the market for a pastry, Maya Rita Bakes, who specializes in custom baked goods orders, you can stop in for a sweet treat and cup of coffee. Take note she’s just extended her hours to accommodate the influx of pastry-seekers.

We recommend: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin- Nothing says fall like pumpkin and nothing makes pumpkin more desirable than adding in chocolate chips. -$3.00

101 E. 1st Street, Lowell, Tuesday-Thursday 7am-6pm; Friday-Saturday 10am-4pm

Nellie’s Pick Me Up

Located just around the corner from Nellie’s Southern Kitchen, Nellie’s Pick Me Up is great for a quick, well, pick me up.

36 N. Main Street, Belmont, Monday-Friday 7am-2pm


Arline’s Grill

Located in Gastonia, Arline’s Grill is a quintessential Gaston County favorite, going as far as to win Best of the Best Gaston County in 2019. Stop in for classic breakfast fare alongside friendly faces.

We recommend: Breakfast Bowl - We suggest starting with grits, adding in livermush, and eggs with a side of biscuits.-$6.00

3039 Union Rd, Gastonia, Monday-Sunday 7am-3pm

Cherub’s Café

Photo Courtesy Holy Angels/Cherubs Café

Located in downtown Belmont, this café that employees a differently abled staff, Cherub’s Café, a brand of Holy Angels, serves a hearty breakfast with lots of special little touches.

We recommend: Cloud Nine- go with the 3 crepe option, Banana Mudslide style, with bananas and Nutella, for a sweet breakfast treat. -$7.00

23 N. Main Street, Belmont, Monday-Thursday & Saturday 7am-5pm; Friday 7am-7pm

Mt. Holly Grill

Mount Holly Grill is a family style restaurant that prides itself on classic southern fare.

We recommend: Country Breakfast- Grab a gravy biscuit, sausage patties and two eggs in this classic southern breakfast plate. It’ll leave you feeling full like grandma’s. -$5.25

1118 S. Main Street, Mount Holly, Monday-Saturday 6am-9pm; Sunday 7am-3pm

Georgio’s Restaurant

This mash-up of American, Greek and Italian food hits the nail on the head with breakfast. Opening up at 7am daily for all the early birds, Georgio’s in Cramerton is a great stop for classic breakfast offerings.

We recommend: French Toast – Served on thick bread, we recommend this with a side of bacon to get your fix of sweet and savory. -$3.75 for 2

202 Market Street G, Cramerton, Monday-Saturday 7am- 9pm

Friendly’s of Stanley

This log cabin restaurant serves breakfast all day, with the exception of Sunday. You can stop by for your breakfast fix no matter the time of day.

We recommend: Philly Cheese Omelet- Packed with seared steak, cheese and grilled onions, the Philly Cheese Omelet is a perfect start of the day for the super hungry. -$7.39

119 N. Main Street, Stanley, Monday-Saturday 7am-3pm;Sunday 7am-2pm

White’s Restaurant

What has been referred to as an “iconic” restaurant in Belmont, White’s offers an array of offerings for both breakfast and lunch.

We recommend: Gravy Biscuits with a side of hash browns. –Prices vary

417 Catawba Street, Belmont, Monday-Friday 6am-11:30am; Saturday 6am-11am

Grits N’ Greens

Whether you’re in for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Grits N’ Greens specializes in southern cuisine, and is a staple to the Lowell community. Looking for a spot to host a breakfast event? Grits N’ Greens has got you covered, with grits and biscuits for all.

We recommend: Main Street Breakfast Special- This special comes with 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, and grits with your choice of bacon, sausage or livermush. -$6.99

125 N. Main Street, Lowell, Monday-Saturday 6am-8pm; Sunday 7am-2:30pm

Byrum’s Grocery & Grill

Byrum’s Grill has counter-style service. Take your pick from breakfast listed on a letter board and have a seat or take it to go.

We recommend: Bologna & Egg Sandwich- A southern classic like mom used to make. And if you aren’t in the mom-used-to-make-it set, give it a try. You’ll thank us later. $2.99

4606 South New Hope Road, Belmont, Tuesday-Friday 5:30am-2pm; Saturday 5:30am-1pm

Stay a While:

Famous Toastery

Photo Courtesy Famous Toastery Belmont

A recent expansion from Huntersville-based breakfast giant, Famous Toastery brings in all their breakfast favorites to the ever-growing Wilkinson Boulevard in Belmont. Stop in and set up camp over a variety of breakfast dishes.

We recommend: Huevos Rancheros-This Mexican breakfast staple is perfect for a leisurely breakfast. Two eggs any style lay atop black beans with cheddar and feta cheese, topped with cilantro, pico de gallo and avocado. Add in some breakfast potatoes for a well-rounded meal. -Prices vary

6425 Wilkinson Boulevard, Belmont, Monday-Sunday 7am-3pm

Tex-Mex Backroad Grill

This Gastonia Tex-Mex restaurant offers a full menu in a colorful and artistic environment. Come for breakfast, stay for dinner.

We recommend: Fajita Breakfast Bowl- This bowl starts with hash browns and is topped with peppers, onions, Philly steak, melted cheese and a side of toast. When in Rome… -$6.99

5316 Union Road, Gastonia, Tuesday-Friday 7am-8pm; Monday & Saturday 7am-3pm

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