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Check out Gaston County's opportunities for education & workforce development for GO Month's Week 3

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

In case you missed it, Gaston County is celebrating GO Month for the entirety of October. This is an endeavor that nudges you to go out and experience Gaston County in a fresh, new way. For the week of October 12-19, we are celebrating Gaston County’s educational opportunities and workforce development. And over the successes of last year, it's easy to see why we're celebrating Education & Workforce Development Week.

Gaston County is working to and succeeding at educating individuals from youth through adulthood. With 55 schools in the public school system (making Gaston the ninth largest district in the state), 9 private schools, 4 charter schools and 2 colleges, Gaston County can help you in your educational journey as either a parent seeking options for children or as an adult looking to continue educational opportunities.

Courtesy: Highland School of Technology

The schools in Gaston County draw in teachers, administrators and other educators, either for the first time experiencing the county or returning. Jamie Killian, Academy Coordinator at Health Sciences Academy at East Gaston High School (which you can tour Friday), recently returned to the county after a few years in a neighboring county and gave us insight into why.

“I am so excited to be back in Gaston County,” Killian said. “My experience working here at the beginning of my career was one of togetherness and a true sense of community working for the better of all students. Working in another county really gave me an appreciation for the initiatives happening here in Gaston County Schools. With the addition of new choice programs, it’s an amazing time of growth and success and we are working hard to make sure the students at East Gaston have multiple avenues to explore for college and career readiness both through our CaroMont Health Sciences Academy and our other CTE pathways.”

There are plenty of ways for you to get out and experience this for yourself this week (and while you’re at it, tag @gastonoutside so we can see what you’re up to).

Saturday, October 12

Courtesy: TechWorks Gaston

TechWorks Gaston Girl’s Coding Course

Recognizing the under-representation of women in the tech field, MIT instructor and Belmont resident, Morgan Stewart, will lead a group of girls (ages 8 – 14) in a journey through the exciting world of coding. During this course, girls will learn how to create their own old-school style video game (think GameBoy) and brainstorm ways to extend the game out into the universe.

TechWorks Gaston, Downtown Belmont, 9am – 10am, register here

Monday, October 14

Gaston Student Tour of Belmont Abbey College

Belmont Abbey College is an excellent place to enroll for anyone looking to grow their mind—and it's right in your backyard. The gorgeous campus is home to some of the best academic (and athletic) programs in the nation. Being one of the highest ranked institutions in undergraduate teaching in the South and having its Honors College earning the designation of "Hidden Gem," Belmont Abbey has invited Gaston County School high school students to come see & experience all that it has to offer. Open to high school students.

Belmont Abbey College, 9 am – 10:45 am

Tuesday, October 15

Courtesy: Hunter Huss High School

Presentation and Tour of Hunter Huss High School’s Career Academy

The Gaston County School district will be spotlighting their Career Academy at Hunter Huss High School. With this tour, you'll get an inside peek of the challenging coursework and hands-on training that is preparing students for jobs in business, trade and industry, food service, public safety, health science, and technology. With Hunter Huss as just one example, you'll be able to quickly see why the entire school district is 2nd in NC for student earned industry certifications.

Hunter Huss High School, 9am – 10:30 am, Register here

Wednesday, October 16

The Attraction of Advanced Manufacturing by the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance

This convening will focus on workforce development in the advanced manufacturing industry in the Charlotte region. During this full session, we will hear from those representing our workforce development and manufacturing community and how they support the talent pipeline through apprenticeships programs and strategic alliances.

In additions, we will discuss the pathways in which we educate young talent on the future job opportunities in this industry, address what advanced manufacturing is today versus 10+ years ago, and the innovative work taking place in our region.

TechWorks Gaston – Downtown Belmont, 8:30am - 10:00am, Register here

Courtesy: Gaston College

Gaston College – Kimbrell Campus Tour

Located in Belmont, Gaston College's Kimbrell Campus houses within its doors military fiber prototypes, and dummies (for their nursing and esthetician programs, that is). For this event, we'll be taking you around their innovative and gritty Textile Technology Center, talking about a seamless college transfer process, and more.

Gaston College – Kimbrell Campus, 2pm - 3:30pm, Register here

Thursday, October 17

Presentation and Tour Highland School of Technology

Highland School of Technology is the Charlotte region's number one ranked public high school in College & Career Readiness. This hasn't happened by accident. We've partnered with Gaston County Schools to show you exactly why this Blue Ribbon School continues earning many awards for educational excellence.

Highland School of Technology, 9am – 10:30am, Register here

The Gaston Regional Chamber’s Salute to Manufacturing and Business

The Salute to Business and Manufacturing is the Gaston County business community’s gold standard, and a proud part of the Gaston Regional Chamber’s heritage. This annual black-tie gala event celebrates the pillars of the business community — the individuals and the companies who have done the most to support and foster our economy.

Gaston Country Club, 6pm – 10pm, Register here

Friday, October 18

Presentation and Tour of East Gaston High School’s Health Sciences Academy

Gaston County Schools takes choice seriously. Whether your child wants a career in health sciences or public service (to name just a few of many options available), Gaston County Schools wants to provide the best for your kid's future. They've recently partnered with CaroMont Health to offer a stellar health science track for interested high school students.

East Gaston High School, 9:30am – 11am, Register here

Saturday, October 19

Courtesy: TechWorks Gaston

TechWorks Gaston’s Kids in Coding: Coding a Dance Adventure

Open to students in 3rd – 5th grade and with two interactive coding sessions to choose from, your children can pick their favorite songs and create a program to make characters perform various dance moves on the screen. After completing this activity, they can continue to enhance their skills by creating a program to help characters from Star Wars, Minecraft, or Angry Birds complete missions or by creating a sports game. All programming will be done using block coding.

TechWorks Gaston, Downtown Belmont, 9am – 10 am or 10:30am – 11:30am, Register here

TechWorks Gaston’s Kids in Coding: Code an Amazing Maze from Scratch

Students from 6th – 8th grade can learn to program a simple maze game using the Scratch programming language. In the class, students will learn how to move your character using arrow keys and choose what happens if their character accidentally bumps into the maze walls or when the character safely reaches the end!

TechWorks Gaston, Downtown Belmont, 1pm – 2:30pm, Register here

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