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  • Rob Glover

A Little Slice of Home: Gaston's Perfect Pizza Pies

So what is the perfect pizza?

Is it a hearty Sicilian crust lightly sauced and gently topped with fresh basil?

Or is it a thin, crispy affair loaded down with sausage and pepperoni?

Actually, it’s a trick question. One of pizza’s greatest attributes is that you can get it any way you love it. And in Gaston County, you can find your perfect pie, no matter your pizza proclivity.

So let’s not discuss the merits of thin or thick crust, or whether pineapple deserves a spot on top. Instead, let’s celebrate the options our amazing pizza chefs offer all across Gaston.


Great for authentic Italian style pizza: Reginella

1808 S York Rd

Image courtesy of Reginella

Co-Owners Raffaele Falciai and Tony Coppola have a long history of creating authentic Italian cuisine. That experience shines in their pizza and the large menu of dishes at Reginella.

Great for homemade everything: Franky T’s Pizzeria

2211 N New Hope Rd

Image courtesy of Franky T's Pizzeria

From the crust to the sauce to the flaky cannolis, everything is homemade at Franky T’s.

Great for hospitality: Venecia

306 E Garrison Rd

Image courtesy of Venecia

Great food is just a jumping-off point for Venecia. It’s their friendly, fast service that really makes them memorable.

Great for a quick (delicious) slice: Life of Pie

101 West Main Avenue

Image courtesy of Life of Pie

Located in the heart of Gastonia, Life of Pie is the perfect place to grab a slice or two of their crispy-crust pizza after running errands or before exploring downtown shops.

Great for Pizza Bianca: Enzo’s Pizza

117 N Myrtle School Rd

To be fair, there’s not a bad pizza on the menu at Enzo’s. But if you’re looking for something a little different, their Bianca pie is covered in creamy, seasoned ricotta and finished with fresh garlic, mozzarella, and parmesan.

Great for date night: Portofino

3736 E Franklin Blvd

Image courtesy of Portofino

A nice wine selection, cozy atmosphere, broad selection of traditional and creative Italian dishes, plus its proximity to the movie theater makes Portofino a fine option for date night.


Mount Holly

Great for homemade desserts: Papa Sammy’s

140 E Central Ave

Image courtesy of Papa Sammy's

Sure, the pizza is great. But Papa Sammy’s is becoming famous for their beautiful cakes. People stalk their Facebook page to see when carrot cake is on the menu.

Great for a consistently crispy crust: Vasileio’s Italian Kitchen

200 S Main Street

Somehow, the pizza magicians at Vasileio's are able to keep the center of their pie crusts from getting soggy. This is true even on their substantially sized large pizzas.

Great for the sauce-dipping crust and everyday value: Mr. D’s Pizza

104 Rankin Ave

While not a super-thick pan style, Mr. D’s crust is denser than other thin crusts. This makes for great sauce-dipping potential. And their prices are reasonable for all the food you get.



Great for lunch specials: VIPizza

202 Market Street

Image courtesy of VIPizza

It’s hard to beat VIPizza’s daily two-slice special: two large pieces of pizza and a drink for $4.99. Somehow, they manage to offer this great deal without skimping on quality.



Great for over-sized New York Style Pizza: Doffer’s Pizzeria

106 N Main Street

Image courtesy of Doffer's Pizzeria

You know in movies when a character picks up a huge slice of thin-crust pizza, folds it in half, and bends down to take a bite so as not to lose any toppings? That’s the experience you get with a Doffer’s New York style pie.

Great for delivery: Joe’s Touch of Italy

503 S Central Ave

It’s not hard to miss Joe’s Touch of Italy while driving by—they’re tucked in next to a gas station. Luckily for fans of their homemade crust and sauce, they have a broad delivery area.


Bessemer City

Great for a complete Italian dining experience: Dino’s Italian Pizzeria

610 Gastonia highway

Dino's Italian Pizzeria

Dino’s pizza is worth the visit, but their full Italian menu will please anyone in your group. Lasagna, shrimp scampi, and buttercream chicken. Amazing.

Great for a pizza buffet: The Family Pizzagalli

1219 Gastonia Highway

One of the toughest parts about taking the family out for pizza is picking a pie that everyone will like. The Family Pizzagalli solves that with a well-stocked pizza buffet and salad bar.



Great for huge calzones: Roma Italian

101 West Church Street

The small calzone at Roma Italian will satisfy the heartiest appetite. The large calzone might have its own gravity. Pro tip: try the puffy bread.

Great for specialty pizza and homemade ranch dressing: Caputo’s Pizza Company

800 S Mountain Street

Caputo’s crispy pizza crust is perfect for dipping into their homemade ranch dressing. Plus, you can’t go wrong with their Philly cheese or meatball parm specialty pies.


Gaston has a lot of choices when it comes to our pizza. Do you have a favorite we should add to this list? Let us know at

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