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  • Vincent Ginski

5 Gaston County Mill Redevelopments to Keep on Your Radar

Because of its manufacturing past, Gaston County is incredibly well-situated in the region to redevelop many of the non-operational mills that call it home. It might not surprise you then to see that developers and governments in Gaston have worked together to do just that. Chock full of historic textile mills, Belmont, Bessemer City, Gastonia and Mount Holly have renovated and redeveloped mill properties to showcase the importance of Gaston’s manufacturing history while welcoming new housing opportunities and a growing population. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful place to call home in apartments that offer amenity-rich lifestyles or for a perfect event venue, consider these redeveloped mills across Gaston County.

Loray Mill, Gastonia

Loray Mill is located on the west end of Gastonia’s exciting FUSE district development and is the centerpiece of Gastonia’s Loray Mill neighborhood. The restored mill offers studio to three-bedroom loft apartments, an athletic club, a resort-style pool, and a beautiful event center. With Growler USA located on its bottom floor and retail and office space, Loray Mill offers the perfect foundation on which to build your ideal work/life balance.

Trenton Mill, Gastonia

Included in phase one of Gastonia’s FUSE district construction, the $14 million re-development of the Trenton Mill in Downtown Gastonia will border and overlook the multi-million dollar mixed-sports arena located in the heart of downtown Gastonia. The 84,000-square foot rejuvenated mill will feature premium stadium-side apartments and additional parking for events, and is an easy stroll to plenty of retail and food and beverage options, including Webb Custom Kitchen, named one of the Top 50 most romantic spots to dine in the country.

Osage Mill, Bessemer City

Bessemer City has some hard-hitting plans underway, with $32 million worth of investment involved. The 260,000-square foot Osage Textile Mill is undergoing a full renovation that includes 150 loft-style apartments, a fitness club, business centers, and retail/commercial space. With the capacity to house about 400 residents, the mill is located on Bessemer City’s downtown block, which--considering the popularity of their downtown Summer Concert Series-–is the perfect place to live so close to all of the action.

Grand Hall, Mt. Holly

When Mount Holly restored an old textile mill for a new City Hall and civic space, it created the majestic Grand Hall--a perfect choice for receptions, banquets, parties and meetings. It has a seating capacity of over 500 and provides a warm and spacious aesthetic with exposed bricks and vaulted wooden ceilings. Located just down the street from downtown Mount Holly – where festivals reign supreme – the Grand Hall is a great spot for hosting events like wedding receptions and fundraisers.

Aberfoyle Village, Belmont

At one time providing jobs to nearly 90 percent of Belmont residents, many of Belmont's old mill buildings have fallen into disrepair or have been demolished. The Aberfoyle Village development provided Belmont the perfect opportunity to reuse an old mill site since the original mill structure was dilapidated beyond repair. The Aberfoyle Village project in Belmont pays tribute to the historical significance of the town’s role in the textiles industry and re-purposes the old Aberfoyle Mill site for new and sustainable growth. Townhouses, mill-style apartments, waterfront property and park development are all included in the plans. Located just down the street from amenity-rich downtown Belmont, Aberfoyle Village will also be just yards from the $2.5 million Kevin Loftin Riverfront Park and near the $1.8 million Ebb Gantt Park.

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